What is Connfidence to you? Vol. 1: Patrick Cacciatore

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Everyone possesses confidence in their own unique way. But when it comes to playing a sport at the semi-professional and professional level, every athlete seems to have an extreme abundance of confidence, at least to an ordinary viewer. When it comes to their talents and skills, that is where the confidence truly lies-in those skills- which is a real determinant of their overall performance. But what we wanted to figure is, what is confidence exactly?

Luckily for us, we were able to ask semi-professional tennis player Patrick Cacciatore, a few things about where he finds his confidence the most. Patrick has been playing tennis for over 15 years, and now, he is in his sophomore season as Captian of the Husker Men's tennis team at the University of Nebraska. Before Nebraska, coming out of high school, Patrick was a 5-star, top 50 recruit from Florida. Now competing in one of the highest levels of play in Division 1 sports, the BIG10 Conference is home to some of the best talent in all of College sports. This year, Patrick's first year of play at Nebraska after transferring from the Gamecocks in South Carolina (with a 14-7 record), he boasted a very solid singles record, going 10-13 on the year and 1-0 in BIG10 conference play. To play in a conference of this caliber definitely takes some whits and a different type of confidence. 

(Patrick Cacciatore)

We asked Patrick, "what boosts your confidence most on the playing court?". His response was something many athletes glance right over:


 "Doing the little things right every day. Confidence comes from doing the right things every day and building a foundation you can rely on in those 'pressure moments'."

When you skip over the little things, you begin to make those little mistakes that affect your game on a much bigger scale than you thought. When that happens, you can absolutely blame it on skipping over the little things. We also wanted to know, especially as an athletic apparel company, how Patrick's confidence is affected by his workout, pre-game, and in-game attire. 

We also wanted to know from Patrick that when he received new practice gear/uniform/equipment(shoes, new tools), did he feel a boost in his confidence, ultimately resulting in better performance. 

His response:

"It does [boost my confidence]. Great athletic wear such, as Connfi Clothing, gives you the confidence in your preparation and that your gear is taken care of. It directly correlates with giving yourself the best chance to perform well."

When asked if he believed in the quote, "look good, feel good, play good", Patrick said: 

"I do agree with it. Feeling confident in your preparation and your presentation are very important. The way you feel about yourself greatly impacts your level in your playing field."

What we can gather from Patrick's responses is that something as simple as the way you look can play such a large factor in your performance. One of our paramount goals here at Connfi Clothing is to make you feel Connfident©️ about your game, your workout, and even just walking around your house. Providing you the most stylish and functional active-wear is the very least we can do for our customers. We want Connfidence to flow amongst everyone no matter the setting and no matter how great your game is.