What is Connfidence to you? Vol. 2: Noah Ruggles

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Welcome to the Volume 2 of "What is Connfidence to you", where we set out to find where athletes gather confidence from and how it affects there game. For this volume, we've transitioned from the tennis court with Nebraska Husker, Patrick Cacciatore, and now we have shuffled over to the football field with North Carolina Tarheel, Noah Ruggles.

Hailing from Odessa, Florida, Noah Ruggles attended Steinbrenner high school where he was an outstanding kicker. Ranked by ESPN as the 12th best kicker in the Nation, it was hard for UNC-Chapel Hill to pass-up this opportunity of having an extremely skilled and successful kicker like Ruggles. Noah continued his success in the ACC. After redshirting his freshman year, Noah played 13 games in his sophomore season and had a 70.37% completion rate, converting 19 out 27 Field Goal attempts with his longest completed Field Goal at 49 yards. Ruggles went 45 for 45 when it came to PATs (points after touchdown), placing him in the 5th for most in UNC history. Noah's consistency led him to be the 5th ranked kicker in the ACC and led his team in scoring with a total of 102 points. We were eager to learn where Noah's confidence stems from, especially with these impressive numbers. 

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 as 'not a factor' and 5 as a 'big factor', Noah said that his pre-game and workout attire plays a big role(5) in triggering his confidence in his performance, understandably so. A fitting question to follow this would be, "what does the quote, 'look good, feel good, play good' mean to you?" So that's exactly what we asked, and his response:

 "I believe [that] quote to be true. When you look good and feel good on the field, the result is a new mindset and CONNFIDENCE which gives you an edge against your competition."

Every athlete loves getting new equipment and uniforms. It provides a boost in confidence. We asked Noah, "When receiving new gear, do you feel a boost in your Connfidence?"


 "Absolutely. New gear gives you the motivation to get out and be active."

We wanted to hear Noah's "secret" when it came to possessing the most confidence. For Noah, it's all about mindset:

 "[Your] Mindset, all day. Mindset is everything, CONNFIdence is the key to it all."

CONNFIdence is key to it all, well said Noah. Providing CONNFIdence to all of our loyal customers is precisely our goal here at Connfi Clothing. The way you feel about your game is directly correlated with the way you feel about your equipment. Providing you the most stylish and functional active-wear is the very least we can do for our customers. We want Connfidence to flow amongst everyone no matter the setting and no matter how great your game is.