Andre Saleh....Who is that?

Remember our good friend, Patrick Cacciatore from our "What is Confidence to You, Vol. 1" series? If you haven't, we recommend giving that a read. Today, we have a teammate of Patrick's, another Husker, that was so gracious to join Connfi Clothing and tell us more about his career, Freshman Andre Saleh.
Andre Saleh, University of Nebraska

Before Nebraska, Andre was an extremely successful and decorated tennis player from Newport Beach, California. As a Five-Star Recruit out of high school, Andre was nothing short of an absolute monster, this kid's rankings were unbelievable. Andre was ranked as the no. 13 player in California, no. 52 National Recruit, and no. 42 player as ranked by the Dunlop RPI. Andre has been surrounded by tennis ever since he popped out of the womb. Andre's older brother, Dante Saleh, who is 5 years older than Andre, has made a large impact on his decision to pursue tennis. Ever since he was born, Andre was on the sidelines watching his brother play, quickly growing his interest in the sport. Dante went on to play Tennis at Auburn University and Andre followed suit accordingly, committing to play at the University of Nebraska. 

These accolades do not come easy and Andre has put in the work. At Nebraska, a single practice can run 3-4 hours and consist of a multitude of areas of focus: lifting, conditioning, and tennis-specific drills. To get results, the work has to be put in. That's exactly what Andre has been doing since the age of five and has carried over to his career at Nebraska. The competition is stiff in the BIG10 conference, but it's stiff enough to really push an athlete to their peaks and even to the next level, becoming a professional. 

Andre's moves after graduation are in the direction of the pro realm. During our chat, he said:

"I would love to play professionally after college. Leading up to college I played some pro events and saw I just wasn’t quite the level I needed to be yet. And so that’s why I chose Nebraska. I saw the coaches and support system as my best opportunity to play pro after school."

Big ambitions but incredibly achievable with the right work ethic, of which Andre possesses. It was a real pleasure having Andre on with us and we look forward to keeping up with his career and see where he ends up. Hopefully, in due time, we will be able to resume a time of normalcy where sports such as these can start back up again. 

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